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Guest Post: On Picking Battles

Hi folks! It's TNBDM here with a guest blog for today. I was inspired to write about this by a recent Facebook exchange. As with most people, I have Facebook friends who are all over the spectrum when it comes to diet and nutrition -- some low-carbers, some who are health-conscious but choose other paths, many who don't pay much attention to health -- and even some who I know don't want to hear from me at all when it comes to these issues. Among the health-conscious, there are some who will eat up any new information on low-carbing, others who simply will not countenance the idea that eating "all that fat" won't "make you fat." And then there those who are in between -- willing to embrace some new LCHF-related information, but only up to a point. That's okay! Around our place, Dana and I have a saying, which is "information, not enforcement." It is counter-productive to browbeat people, and it's not very conducive to making and keeping friends. And I like friends!

SOPA/PIPA Protest Blackout - January 18th

FYI, this website and our spinoff site, My TotalGym Transformation, will be "going black" on Wednesday, January 18th, in protest of the proposed internet censorship legislation being considered by Congress this week. More information about the strike, including a list of participating websites (Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, icanhazcheezburger, and many, many more) is available at the Strike Against SOPA website. More information about the House and Senate bills, and how they would "break the internet", is available here, along with a form you can use to send a message to your Congresspersons and Senators, urging them to vote against this legislation.

This fignt is non-partisan. This would affect everyone who uses the internet for any purpose whatsoever. If you operate a website, please consider joining this strike. There are plugins available for Drupal and WordPress that will blackout your site all day on the 18th, returning it to normal after the event.

New Look!

I have to say, I was getting really tired of that Fisher-Price theme we had going on! It may have been cleaner than the one before, but it got boring really quickly. This new theme is inspired by the one that Kevin, our podcast producer, chose for Dana's Low-Carb for Life. As soon as I saw what he had done there, I knew I was going to do something similar for Hold The Toast.

We’re in iTunes now!

Thanks for holding out for our acceptance of "Dana's Low Carb for Life" podcast into the iTunes Podcast Directory; we’ve finally made it! All of us working with Dana are thrilled and ready to take it by storm. Here are the deets:


Here’s what we’re asking you to do: Please, PLEASE go to the above link and leave a comment or review of this show and Dana’s work in general, then subscribe. The more of you that do this, the better our chances of getting Dana in the New and Notable section at iTunes, and that means more subscribers. More subscribers means we can keep going with this show and that Dana can help more and more people! So, please share widely with anyone who you think might be interested. (Use the "+ Share/Save" gadget below to share this blog post to FB and various others.)

If you are a Windows user, iTunes is a free download available from Apple:

Update: "Help! How do I install iTunes or subscribe or sign in to leave a review???" I hear you cry! Here is a help page that gives some quick-start instructions on iTunes.

Low-Carb iPhone Apps?

Got this question from a friend of mine the other day:

Does Dana have a low-carb app for the iPhone? I tried the free "carbmaster" one, which I like, but before buying I thought I would ask.

Neither Dana nor I have iPhones, so we're not particularly well-versed in that technology. Anyone out there who has used Carb Master, or some other app? Suggestions?

Dana Out of Town

Hi folks, Dana wanted me to let you all know that she's still in Vermont, sitting bedside with her godmother, who had a major stroke earlier this week. She expects to be home late Sunday night. If you're the sort that prays, you might add Mary Conger to your list. Thanks!

Also, there won't be a digest this week, since there's been little activity on the blog. We'll get back to that next weekend.

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