February 13, 2005

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Another Reader Success Story!

Okay, I couldn't stop with just one. This stuff just makes me grin like an idiot all day long.

Hi Dana:

I started low-carbing on Jan.1, 2000, so I'm at 5 years. I just got back my lipid-profile - The computer is concerned that my total cholesterol is border-line high at 220 - but my HDL went up again - to 108! My triglycerides are the lowest ever - 53! Blood pressure and blood sugar are normal - and I have a terrible family history of diabetes (you may remember me - father, grandfather, sister) and I am now 52 years old - the age when my father was diagnosed.

So - thanks for all you continue to do. I really appreciate the links to the articles - will share them with my Doctor boyfriend who has been flashing my cholesterol numbers all around his office!


HDL of 108?! That's not just good, that's downright astonishing. I don't think I've ever heard of someone with HDL quite that high. Your triglycerides are like mine, in the "startlingly low" range. I'm betting your doctor boyfriend's colleagues are scratching their heads, muttering, "How'd she do that?!" Think he'll be able to convince them it was that "crazy low carb fad diet" that did it?

Posted by HoldTheToast at February 13, 2005 12:38 PM