March 07, 2006

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Reader Review of The Every Calorie Counts Cookbook

Okay, it's really an email I got, but it warmed my heart like a blowtorch:

Dana, I just received your new book from

To be honest, at first I was hesitant about ordering it, because I feared it was just another low calorie cookbook, but I've enjoyed all your other books and I knew I had to give it a chance.

I am glad to see your cooking evolving and acknowledging that calories do count. That said, I do not count calories; but I do know they count! I can't eat a ton of low carb food just because it's there, and not have it show up on the scale! For years I counted carbs, but now I don't even count carbs anymore. I educated myself about glycemic load and just focus on foods that have a low gylcemic load. This automatically keeps my carbs down without counting!

I am sitting here at work leafing through all the recipes, and yes, they are amazing. They will fit in very nicely with my way of eating. I might add I am lacto-ovo vegetarian, and I just substitute low carb meat substitutes (like Morningstar Farms) for meat, chicken and fish in your recipes, leaving out the salt because these meat substitutes are already salted.

I also agree that fat is not the culprit. I feel better eating good, wholesome fats. I don't limit them, but I don't stuff myself with them either. Butter, nuts, good oils, etc. are some of the healthiest foods on earth. THANK YOU for not buying into the low fat mantra. You might be

pleased to know that scientist Gary Taubes has a new book coming out this spring titled "A Big Fat Lie...What if Fat Doesn't Make You Fat." I'm sure you and I couldn't agree more!

Dana, thanks for such a great book. Please keep these cookbooks coming. They are such a joy. I already love this one and I haven't even tried any recipes yet, but like your other cookbooks, I know I'll enjoy them!

Sincerely, Sheryl Du Somme

Thanks, Sheryl! I'm so glad you like the book. The rest of you can take a look here

Or you can buy it today at your local Barnes & Noble!

(And I'll be buying Gary Taubes's book! If you haven't read Taubes's ground-breaking article from the NY Times Magazine, I found a link to the text

Posted by HoldTheToast at March 7, 2006 10:51 PM