March 15, 2006

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Reader Review of The Low-Carb Barbecue Book

Another great cookbook from Dana Carpender

I love all of the Dana Carpender cookbooks, and this one is no exception. Both her writing and cooking styles are a lot of fun, and I have yet to make a recipe I didn't like out of her books. The Chipotle Garlic Butter is already a favorite in our house, and we've only had the book a few days. The recipes are simple to follow with easy to find ingredients, and the results are delicious.

Nicolle (Carmichael, CA USA) , January 4, 2005

Thanks, Nicolle! I'm betting you get to cook out more of the year than I do.

I figured that with the crocuses (croci?) up and the daffodils about to bloom here in Indiana, it was about time to haul out the grill again. My whole Toastmasters Club is coming over next week; I'm thinking I'll slow-smoke a turkey!

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Posted by HoldTheToast at March 15, 2006 09:17 PM