March 30, 2006

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Early Word on The Every Calorie Counts Cookbook

Heather Dail writes:


I've spent most of the week reading your latest, the "Every Calorie Counts Cookbook," and it is every bit as wonderful as the rest of your books. I have, use, and love them all.

Because of your books, the majority of my diet is made up of real, wholesome food. I have a family history of just about every disease there is, and I'm bound and determined to keep myself in the best possible health I can. That for me includes watching carbs, and your books show me a liveable, delicious way to eat controlled carb cuisine, for life, in every way. I have no doubt that I will get to my goal weight and enjoy optimal health.

You are always talking about your cookbook hero. Well, Dana, you are my cookbook hero! Your warm, witty voice comes through on every page, and your recipes are inspired and so varied. This reformed junk-food junkie is now cooking food that gives restaurant fare a run for its money. I can easily pass up fast food and processed crap knowing I have this kind of food in the fridge!

Oh, by the way: I am totally addicted to Cider-Ade now. Wow... who would have thought?! The beverage section alone is worth the price of the book, in my humble opinion!

Thanks again,


Yay! Thanks, Heather! So glad you like it. (And yeah, isn't it weird that Cider-Ade tastes so good? Who'da thunk it?)

You can preorder The Every Calorie Counts Cookbook at Amazon - they'll be shipping in a week or so -

Or you can run out to Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy right away. (I hear Books-a-Million has it, too...)

Oh, and my cookbook hero? Peg Bracken, of the I Hate To Cookbook, The Appendix To the I Hate To Cookbook, The I Hate to Cook Almanac, and several others. Her books are often available at used book stores, because they were so hugely popular at the time. But Amazon also has copies of The Compleat I Hate To Cookbook.

Posted by HoldTheToast at March 30, 2006 09:11 PM