February 13, 2005

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Reader Success Story

I've worked harder in the past couple of years than I've ever worked in my life. Want to know what makes it all worth it? Mail like this:

Well, as we close out 2004, I've been on my carb controlled diet for 46 weeks now, and wanted to pass on a successful update… I have now lost 47 inches (measuring my neck, bust, waist, lower abs, hips, arms and legs)… that's 1 inch away from 4 FEET!! That translates to approximately 75 lbs (may be a bit more) (now that I can actually weigh on a regular scale!!), but not knowing my exact starting weight, I can't be accurate on that data until I request my health records from insurance).

I started this journey with the basic "Atkins For Life" book, and that was my basic starting point and has been a tremendous help, but I can't thank you enough for the inspiration I've received from reading your book (How I Gave up My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds)… your sense of humor, your style of writing and non-biased approach to your extensive research has kept me connected to this diet and the effect is immeasurable. This, in addition, your Low Carbezine Archives -- both of these sources of information been my 'textbooks' and constant source of support and all the 'fuel' I have needed to keep me on track. I'm up to around to having made over 60 recipes in your original book (500 Low Carb Recipes) and I also now have the "15 Minute"; "Barbeque" as well as the original 500 Low Carb and also the new 500 More Low Carb recipe books… from which I'm adding many more new items to my cooking repertoire. Now when people ask me what I'm doing to lose weight, I tell them about your cookbook (and, of course your "…40 Pounds…" book) and tell them I cook everything from your cook books and eat (but not over eat) to satiety… simple, simple, simple!!!

Dana - THANK YOU so much - Please keep up your outstanding work!



PS - I've since now bought and given away 8 of your cook books to family and friends, who are enjoying as much as I.

Wow. Thank you, KT.

Posted by HoldTheToast at February 13, 2005 12:43 PM