February 13, 2005

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Heads Up, Canadians!

Hi Dana,

I am a big fan and reader, like many Canadian low-carbers. We need your help to get the word out that "Health Canada" are taking action that will effectively remove our (few) low carb products from the shelves by Dec.2005. I would so appreciate it if you could include this info and the petition site to fight back in one of your newsletters...after we have a certain number of signatures, we will be contacting low carb companies as well, and taking it to court. Many Canadian low carbers are not even aware of this danger. Anyway, part of the article follows: (from http://www.tlcfightsback.com )

"Just recently, Health Canada announced that, as of December 2005, low-carb claims on food packaging will not be allowed. This decision will severely limit the already small number of low-carb foods that we can receive into Canada. US-based companies producing low-carb foods are not going to want to redesign their packages just to please the Canadian government and, as such, these products will not be allowed into the country to be sold in any store. "

A company's marketing a product as low-carb, or claiming the 'net carb' count on the package, is, in our opinion, no different than the current marketing that specifies foods as 'light' or 'low in fat' or any other such claims. In the coming months, we will disprove the CFIA's claims that there are no scientific evidence that a low-carb lifestyle is healthy.

Read through this article and then help fight this uneducated decision of the Federal Government by signing our petition (at http://www.tlcfightsback.com and also at http://www.lowcarb.ca , "Support forums" then "Canada".)"

Dana, I would be in your debt if you could include this in a newsletter. I would hate to see the government put through this ridiculous, uninformed, and medieval action (they claim the basis is that low-carb diets don't work!!! But what does changing the packaging labels have to do with that?). Very weird.

If you need me to cut down the article, or provide further details, just let me know. I'm hoping, with crossed fingers, that you can help.

Warm regards,

Leigh Manndel

N. Vancouver

Thanks for letting your fellow Canadians know, Leigh. Glad to help. Canadians, tell your low-carbing friends! Sheesh, so it's not just the US government that's nutritionally clueless...

Posted by HoldTheToast at February 13, 2005 12:47 PM