February 06, 2006

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Reader Review of 500 More Low-Carb Recipes

You need Dana's books

How do I love Dana Carpender in a completely platonic low carb life saver kind of way? Let me count the ways. Her new cookbook is fabulous. If you don't have it, you simply must get it. So many great looking recipes. As soon as my copy arrived, I read it cover to cover and am about to read it again. We are trying a different recipe every night. We have tried several already and they are very good. We're gonna have another one tonight. I have all of her cookbooks and this one is fab. Her books offer a lot of variety of flavors, which is essential to keeping any way of eating interesting. I'm trying to broaden my taste horizons, and her books give me lots of options. I use her cookbooks everyday. I recommend them all the time, but I don't loan them out. I would be lost if I did! She makes low carb low effort, which makes my life significantly easier. Thanks Dana!

April Grow, Atlanta, GA, September 26, 2004

Wow! She loves me in a completely platonic low carb life saver kind of way! Never let it be said that I feel unappreciated. Thanks, April!

The coolest thing about 500 More Low-Carb Recipes is that fully half of the recipes in it come from Lowcarbezine! readers! It really is the collected culinary wisdom of the Low Carb Community. And I must say, as the recipes came in from readers, I often thought, "Geez, how am I going to come up with anything better than this?!"

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Much as we love Amazon - and we do love Amazon! - 500 More Low-Carb Recipes is available at brick-and-mortar bookstores across America.

Posted by HoldTheToast at February 6, 2006 08:44 PM