February 06, 2006

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Nutricounter: An Unpaid Plug For A Useful Tool

Did you wonder how I knew how many calories and carbs, how many protein and fat grams I was eating on average? I have a very useful tool. Itís called Nutricounter, and itís nutritional software that I downloaded into my PDA. You can also get a hand-held model if you donít have a PDA to download the software into.

My Nutricounter software keeps track of calories, carbs, fiber, protein, plus stuff Iím not really worried about, like sodium and cholesterol. It came with about 2000 foods in its database, and lets me add new foods Ė something Iíve done quite a lot of. It lets me average over several days or even months, to get an overall picture.

Hmm. Looking at their website, it seems they now call Nutricounter ďHealthFit,Ē and it can also record your exercise. This seems like a great idea to me.

Even with the software, you need to have at least rudimentary math skills. For instance, if I choose ďPeanuts Roasted 1 cup,Ē the chances are excellent I havenít eaten that many. Itís important that I know that 1/4 cup peanuts equals 0.25 of a serving, and that 1/3 cup of peanuts equals 0.33 of a serving. Conversely, a serving of steak is listed in the database as 3 ounces. If Iíve had 6 ounces, I have to know to record that as ď2,Ē not as ď6" Ė which would be 18 ounces, a truly huge portion.

I find that if I use my Nutricounter software consistently, it has a subtle effect for the better on my eating habits, just because of the mindfulness.

Iím glad I bought it. http://nutricounter.com

Posted by HoldTheToast at February 6, 2006 08:44 PM